2017 The Year of Green

February 2, 2017 • Posted in Design

While dropping off my older daughter at daycare, Evie mentioned that she loved her new pocketbook. When I asked why, she told me in a proud voice that it was the color green.  I asked, “Why do you like green?”  Answering in a fit of giggles, Evie exclaimed that it is “the color of the outdoors!”

I didn’t think anything of it until I got an email from Anthropologie highlighting their 2017 clothing and houseware collections. The main color and all the accent tints were green.  The same green my daughter loved so much.

Coincidence?  Maybe. Interesting?   Yes!

Between taking care of our infant and toddler, working, and being a good husband, I hadn’t noticed the all-important new color of 2017 from Pantone!  Pantone, the company that standardized and translates color into a number system, always proclaims a new color each year. This year’s color is called Greenery – 15-00343 to be exact.  It is a modern green that represents new beginnings, pursuit of personal passions and vitality. Most of all, green is the connection to nature.

Pantone puts a lot of thought into choosing the color of the year, but this might be the most thought-provoking color they have chosen to date, given all that has transpired this past year.  

I believe that Pantone Color Institute was expressing their desire for hope and calm amidst a time of significant division and anger. Every year in nature, new shoots can and will sprout out of the most barren and broken land. These new shoots bring us hope – a suggestion of new possibilities.

I also imagine that Pantone is telling us to step away from technology for a second. Go outside and play in the grass. Don’t forget to energize yourself. Society doesn’t have to be the kumbaya song, but it sure can be a beautiful place.

Remember, Pantone doesn’t make any money from individuals or a corporation using the suggested color.  Pantone is highlighting this unusual color so we can open up our minds in asking “Why?”.

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