5 Keys to Brand Your Website

February 9, 2017 • Posted in Branding

Whether you are an industry leader or a startup business, brand loyalty is your ultimate goal. Your brand represents your company’s identity. You build trust with clients and customers through your consistency. A brand’s personality is the total of your style design, logo, tagline, typography, color palettes, collateral, and content. With a strategic plan and SEO, here are the 5 keys to ensuring your website is branded to reach your target audience.

  1. Authenticity:  The way I see it; authenticity is key from start to finish. Sounds simple, right? Not so much. You must develop your personal brand to reflect who you and/or your company are and build from there. Our textbooks taught us one way, but you have to peel a layer back and identify your strengths and weakness and play off those strengths.  Marketing an authentic brand will attract users far faster; building a personal connection that these users can thrive on. Be original. 
  2. SEO:  A term often put on the back burner when it comes to web development.  When you think websites, chances are your main thought is how the site will look.  Truth is, you could have the most eye catching website, but without proper SEO, it is as good as void. SEO is what makes a website visible on Google and other search engines – it is how users (and the proper users, at that) find you online. Ensuring that you have a proper SEO strategy in place is key to your success. I promise, it will positively impact your ROI. 
  3. Brand consistency:  Consistency builds trust. Trust builds clients. Consistency is critical in taking your brand to the next level. A situation to consider: unfortunately, at some point, we all have that friend that is unreliable. Try as they might, they cannot keep plans and are unreliable in most facets of life.  Seeing as how unpredictable they are, you may steer on the side of caution before including them in an important endeavor.  The same can be said on a brand’s consistency. A user is not going to trust a company with an inconsistent brand. Users want to feel they are working with a dependable, recognizable brand. Keep your brand consistent and you will gain trust in those interested in your brand.  
  4. Engage your audience:  Real talk – connect with your audience like never before! It is a websites purpose to engage a user so much so that it should and can convert to a sale, client, or future opportunity. Speaking with a meaningful tone that will engage your audience members interested in your brand will build audience involvement. An involved audience member is a return visitor and is essential to making an impact on your brand. 
  5. Design: Perhaps the most recognizable asset of a brand is its design.  A strong brand requires memorable creative down to layout, logo, color and content. Think about some of the bigger names out there – let’s go with an easy one: Starbucks. Their logo can standalone and we all still all know what it is. A creative, rich design is the longest standing impact that someone will take away with them.  They will hold a mental picture long after any other type of content. Strive to make it the best. I dare you, get out there and own your brand. Get creative. Want some help? Give us a buzz.      

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