About Us

Red Thinking

Launching your project is a huge deal. We know because we live this every day. Behind every success story is a team of Red Thinkers who listened, understood, thought big, created, and executed — all with joy and pride.

This unbounded creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It comes from living life, getting inspired by the world around you, and being completely obsessed with delivering results. We encourage our team members to have active lives and outside hobbies, because we know that inspiration can come from the most unlikely places.

We also value giving back to our community. Each year, we close down our doors and work exclusively on a marathon of pro bono projects for twenty-four hours straight. This event energizes us and helps local non-profits get the marketing collateral they need to achieve their missions.

Red Thinking is not for everyone. We own that statement, we’re proud of it. Are we a fit for you? You own your character because your integrity defines you. Yep, us too. You want the job done right and on-time. With this transparent course of action, you understand the two-way street of paying attention to timelines and turnarounds. You already know we’re going to deliver what we have promised because we are great people with creative, strategic minds. You don’t micromanage because our relationship doesn’t have trust issues. If this doesn’t scare you or put you off we’re your go-to team. Lastly, do you like to laugh and work with people you like? Welcome to the Red is Best team.

Take a peek at some of the folks on our team and you’ll discover a diverse group of problem solvers ready to put their superpowers to work for your organization.

Meet Your Red Thinkers