Know When to Delegate

December 9, 2016 • Posted in Hmmm...

There are obvious times to delegate tasks. Especially if you are a manager or business owner. You know you need to hire an attorney rather than write your own contracts. You know you need to hire an accountant rather than struggle through processing your own financials and taxes. The one place many people fail to see the need to delegate is their design. That is, after all, the “fun part” of having a business.

I have suffered from this myself. I have run my own design firm for almost 25 years. In the beginning I designed my own materials because I was the only employee and there was no one to delegate it to. In later years, I learned to delegate the design tasks (though it was hard) because the designers that I had hired to work for me were far more talented than me (painful to admit!). It got easier over time and I learned to love leading such a creative crew who’s work I was able to brag about and be so proud of… much like a mom who puts her kids drawings on the fridge.

Recently I had to learn this lesson on delegation all over again.

I am getting married next year. I needed an invitation. I thought for sure that I could do this. Who, after all, would know best what I wanted other than myself?

Ugh. I struggled and struggled for the sole reason that I was too close to it. I had to revisit those earlier lessons on delegation. I asked one of our designers to help me. And you know what? It came out perfect. He nailed exactly what I wanted.

Lesson learned. Again.

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