New Year, Same Goal…and it’s cool.

January 11, 2017 • Posted in Red Thinkers

Happy New Year…how the heck is it already mid-way through January? Well, consider me your “Dear Juan…” and let’s start with: I’m here to tell you that it’s OK to ring in the New Year with the same goal. At the beginning of each year, much like myself, brands and companies rejuvenate themselves by setting new goals. But what about last year’s goal of sticking to your brand promise? Or in my case, just continuing the healthy routine I initiated in 2016? True kudos if you reached your goal, but just because you achieved it doesn’t mean you should forget it. Something like a brand promise is vital to a company’s identity and culture, thus, should be maintained. Something like a healthy lifestyle, for me, shouldn’t be forgotten.

A week into the new year, my sister called me excited out of her mind with this idea she had to spend time with me and our sister, while also getting some fitness in. Her grand idea was to meet up at a fitness center three times a week for new workouts that she would coordinate. At 5am. While she is used to getting up at that ridiculous time to muster the strength for anything other than rolling out of bed, I am not.

This is all part of her new goal to challenge herself to get out of her routines. And while I relish the idea of spending more time with my sister, I just don’t share her enthusiasm. My main goal last year (2016) was to get fit and healthy and find a routine that fits my lifestyle. I achieved it, so why should I have to change it? And it’s ongoing. It can’t just stop in 2017; much like a brand. There is no on/off button once you’re off and running. So here goes, my 2017 resolution? To support my sister minus the 5am wake up call, continue my own evolution of good health and ensure the brands I work with grow, thrive and keep up the good work – simply improving what already exists or tweaking where necessary. I want to guide, not tell.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to set new goals, but the ones we achieve become as much a part of our identity as the ones we have yet to. Be it a brand or you, personally. Quitting on what we’ve achieved brings us back to square one and stunts growth. We can’t start new goals when we keep falling back to previous ones. It’s far easier to maintain something like health once it has become the norm. So rather than starting over which requires more effort, evolve ongoing goals so they stay fresh and top of mind. This way you have the same energy and enthusiasm dedicated to new goals as old ones. For example: I added heavier weights to my routine to challenge myself. This simple evolution stays within my lifestyle, keeps me motivated to maintain my health, but allows me to add other goals if I choose.

Brands must evolve in the same way. They need to maintain the loyalty and trust they have with their customers while establishing new goals. Use social media to keep a pulse on what your customers want and spread on-brand messaging and content. Utilize analytics to capture data on what your customers are looking for. This attention to your core brand promise will allow you to create new and robust content or services that are targeted towards the true needs of your customers. So, let’s take on 2017, shall we? I’ll evolve personally, your brand will evolve and this time next year, we’ll add to our resolutions versus start from scratch.  Again.

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