Pinterest Isn’t Dead

March 30, 2017 • Posted in Inspiration

It wasn’t too long ago that many of us were on Pinterest religiously. We created custom boards, pinned cookie recipes, impossible craft ideas and planned our wardrobe with pretty pictures that may (or may not have) linked to actual websites. But ask around, and it’s likely that quite a few of your early-user friends haven’t updated their boards in years. Pin-fatigue increased rapidly after the pin-frenzy had just begun in 2012. Most users pinned, thought, “now what?” and didn’t return.

Those of us that continued to pin saw the evolution of Pinterest into what it was originally intended for, but maybe wasn’t quite ready for when it started out; a social network where you can visually store and share ideas, shop, search, and be inspired. Now, not only do you see what your friends pinned, but pins are also curated for you, inspired by your boards and pins. It’s quite something to pin an outfit, and refresh your screen to see 20 similar outfits on your board with links to where you can buy them. Don’t like their choices? It’s easy to remove them so that style or idea doesn’t show up again.

But my favorite part of Pinterest these days is that it’s not just about cookies and crafts. Graphic Designers are pinning their projects and portfolios. I follow many famous designers to see what they are pinning, what inspires their work, and use it to push the boundaries of my own work. Their pin-spiration helps keep me current. It’s even more fun to pin some of my own work, and see who re-pins to their own boards for their pin-spiration. Pinterest has built a community of designers feeding off each other to create great work. I see the same thing happening with architecture, fashion, and cuisine.

If you haven’t been on Pinterest in a while, pop back over and see what’s new. My user name is “imadeltaz”. Check out my boards and send me some of your favorite pins via the “send” button.

A few of my favorite Graphic Design Pinners:

  • Terriholtze: check out her design and colors Board
  • Mariagroenlund: her “My Work” board is colorful, yet peaceful
  • Danny Blanton: his typography board is drool-worthy

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