Real Love

December 1, 2016 • Posted in Uncategorized

When anxieties arise, when setbacks strike, when trouble brews, lots of women and men grab their wallets and take out those frustrations on their bank accounts. Retail Therapy. Through the course of my two-decade career, I have found a much cheaper and—to me—more enjoyable pursuit: Real Estate Therapy.

On Sundays, I bounce from neighborhood to neighborhood from house to house, curious about square footage, half baths and full bedrooms and wondering about all the memories that will be made in the place. Now, I have no intention of buying the home, I just want to experience it. Call it Bay Window Shopping.

As I drive by the fields near my home in a growing part of the suburbs, I wonder what that spare dirt will made way for in the future. At night I lay in bed and scroll through real estate blogs, hitting refresh every few minutes to hopefully get rewarded with another pellet of content. Yes, I listen to real estate podcasts.

It’s definitely not an inherent passion. Straight out of college, I landed luckily on a massive account for NVR, Inc. My youthful enthusiasm and outright adoption of all aspects of real estate practice helped me earn a coveted relationship with a mentor at Ryan Homes, who recognized the zeal was genuine. And it has evolved to serve as a cornerstone of Red Thinking, working with the people I’ve known for years to develop and brand the future of real estate design and projects.

My mission will always be to diversify the business. That’s often the recipe for a healthy, thriving company. I know, however, that my adoration for real estate will continue to be a focal point. And I consider myself fortunate that those worlds combine to make me love what I do that much more.

Now, back to that Open House list.

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