Red Thinking Supports “Random Acts of Kindness Day”

February 21, 2017 • Posted in Culture

This year it’s particularly worth looking at the intent of this day and reflecting on the affect acts of kindness, no matter the size, have on individuals, strangers, family members and friends. Whether you pay the toll for the guy behind you, give a homeless person a goodie bag or write an enormous check to an organization near and dear to your heart, you are making a difference. Human struggles can be emotional, physical, financial or unknown. Give some thought to people around you – everyone has a story.

The past few months having been trying times in our country; emotions have run high. Rather than being frustrated at the world it is worth remembering that there are individuals right in front of us who have a story, a struggle or a need of some kind – and we can help each other. Kindness costs nothing, neither does a smile or a sympathetic glance, but it makes a difference.

Every Red Thinker is encouraged to pursue the support of an organization which benefits others, and as a team we come together once each year for a 24-hour event we call Brand Jam.  We lend our joint talents, at no cost, to provide marketing and branding materials, collateral, websites, etc. to non-profits who have no budget for such things.

Personally, ten years ago, I had the privilege of co-founding an organization called Women Giving Back which helps local women and children in crisis regain their dignity and happiness in a small way by providing new clothing and accessories. These women come into our facility scared and downtrodden. Most are victims of terrible cruelty of some sort, which occurs right under our noses in what is outwardly an imperviously affluent area of the country. Our job is to make them smile, make them feel amazing about themselves and help them regain their pride. Nothing we do is rocket science. It’s hard work, but it is done from love. Each of our volunteers attain enormous satisfaction from the kindness they offer to the women and children we help. Payment is in smiles, hugs, happy tears and ultimately in watching these women return with their heads held high to share their stories of new careers, new homes and new lives.

Random acts of kindness and giving back is both a passion of mine and of our organization. It’s nice that my values are so aligned with Red Thinking and vice versa. So I challenge you: Find a passion, offer random acts of kindness for more than just today, and feel that glow that comes only from helping another human being find a little connection with the compassion of another.

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