Right Brained Girl Stuck in a Left Brained World

January 3, 2017 • Posted in Red Thinkers

Maybe you’re “right-brained”: creative, artistic, an open-minded thinker who perceives things in subjective terms. Or perhaps you’re more of a “left-brained” person, where you’re analytical, good at tasks that require attention to detail, and more logically minded.” – Huffington Post

I started my career in IT, managing all direct marketing efforts and client relations as a young 21 year old — eager to start learning the biz. I very quickly learned that the IT industry is analytics upon analytics. Spreadsheets full of numbers swarmed the office, up to my eyeballs in number crunching and sometimes I felt like I could genuinely tell you how much time was potentially wasted building an excel spreadsheet. The IT world, I assume like most industries, is one that will showcase how you did or didn’t do on any given day. If the numbers weren’t flashy, it was a dark day.

I had to make the choice between sticking with a career in an industry that didn’t feed my soul, or make the switch to a world that suited my dominantly right-sided brain. I chose the latter. I decided to go with my gut (or really, my brain) and change career paths while I still had the chance. I always knew I wanted and needed to be in a creative work environment, but I had no clue just how creative Red Thinkers were until I started. I mean really…if I could be reincarnated into anything, I’d choose a RT designer.

I recently joined the Red Thinking team and had my ah-ha moment; no more spreadsheets with numbers – awesome visuals, colors, shapes, icons, What was once a morning meeting spitting out numbers, became a team huddle based on what you had accomplished or had going on that day. I began to increasingly feel like my work mattered and stopped feeling like I had to tally up my day and clunk it into a number to report.

I’m not preaching to throw your spreadsheets into the shredder and never look at another number again. Although I value the mindset of analytics and the information that they can blindly reveal, I believe it’s impossible to have a true conversation centered on them.

The creative, virtual environment of Red Thinking has changed my ideology on work and what it means to feel accomplished. Did I get 80 things checked off my to-do list today? Nope. But did I make a client happy? Did I have an in-depth conversation with the designers on a new logo they’re working on? Did I spend my day making sure that the most important things were accomplished? If I can check those things off my to-do list, my Right-Sided Brain and I would call that a successful workday.

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