The Disney Brand

March 2, 2017 • Posted in Branding

Hi, my name is Krystal and I am a Disney Addict.  In the past year alone, I have been to Disney, in some capacity, 7 times.  I know people who think I am crazy or don’t understand (here’s looking at you, Red Thinkers!).  I’ve learned that you either love Disney or just don’t get it; and I can see both sides.  I am definitely in the love category and so is my family.  Ask my kids where they want to go for any vacation and Disney is ALWAYS the first word uttered.   I am pretty sure there is no other place in the world where you can go and it is acceptable to wear mouse ears and matching outfits with friends and family. It truly is the happiest place on earth.

There was a time we were at Hollywood Studios with my family, parents, sister and her boys.  The kids wanted to go on the Star Wars ride so we got in line.  4 people got through the line before we were stopped to make sure my daughter met the height requirement.  By the time we all were through the line they were closing the doors for the ride and only the first three members of my family were through.  My middle son was so sad to miss riding with his grandpa that when he started to cry one of the cast members came over.  After explaining the situation, the cast members pulled us out of line and arranged a private ride for our entire party.  Talk about going the extra mile to preserve the love we have for their brand.

Human nature is that we are drawn to brands that make us feel valued, give us a sense of security and meet our needs. For me, the Disney brand is just that.  If you have never been to a Disney Park or on a Disney Cruise, I urge you to try it out.  While you may not go back 6 more times in the same year, I promise you will leave with a sense of respect for their brand.  Disney does a great job of making you want more even when you are not directly in their brand. The biggest way Disney grabs your attention is through their social media platforms.  Whether you are 6 or 106, Disney  is relatable, quotable and keeps you in touch with your inner child.   As a social media manager for a few of  Red Thinking’s clients I am immersed in the world of social media on behalf of their brands.  I am constantly creating content that will help my client’s customers relate and even fall in love with their brand, so much so that they will remain loyal and even be a mouth piece on their behalf.  Disney does this part right well across all social media platforms.  According to a case-study on LinkHumans, “When a brand develops its product over time, it is adapting to the technology that is available – we’ve seen this through the jump from cartoon to animation; and social media has also played a huge part in this development. To capture an audience through film is an art, as is capturing an audience through social media. Disney have merged film into their social strategy so that you can still appreciate the magic of Disney through social networks and not just cinema and television.”  Not only is this true for my family and me, Disney’s social media is also a reminder that we need to go back soon and experience it all over again.

What I have learned over the year is that Disney brand is not an act. It’s both real, and magical. They believe in customer service and they treat you like family.   It is their mission to make your visit one that is not only memorable, but also fun.  They are constantly adding new attractions, rides and shows so that there is always something new for you to experience. There’s not a time I’ve gone that there wasn’t something new. It’s impressive and their work to own their “happiest place on earth” slogan is genuine and authentic.

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