Are You Engaged? With Social Media you Should be.

What’s arguably the most important aspect of social media? It’s right in the title. It’s the “social” part. What is usually the first thing that gets overlooked or pushed to the side? The social part. What is the biggest mistake brands make when they run ads and post on social media?

Not being social. Not engaging.

You can have the most beautiful ad targeted to the ideal audience. Everything can be planned out thanks to studies and A/B testing. Your equation could be practically perfect in every way but if you just let it run, you miss the point. Like I said, it’s social media – social is in the name.

We have run ads and managed organic social calendars for many different industries; hospitality, real estate, and nonprofits to name a few. While they all seem to be unrelated, and yes, management of these different clients requires personalization, engagement on the brand’s part is required across the board.

We are very proud of our ability to manage a community. We love hearing why people love & use the brand, what questions they may have, and what the brand means to them. Answers are different but each one shows how important it is for a brand to be engaged.

No one is perfect and that means there will be negative comments. We don’t run from those. At Red Thinking, we see how valuable the negatives are. They can show a misperception that went unseen or express a customer service issue that can be resolved. The negatives have huge potential to actually build a positive representation of your business. Have you ever turned a negative comment into a sale? We have. And it is amazing!

Kushal Sharma, manager of enterprise analytics at Hootsuite, said, “just because you bought a calculator doesn’t make you good at math.” 100% yes! Just because you have Sprout or a Facebook Ads account doesn’t mean your content will be successful. Sure, the ads will run and the posts will post. That can’t be it. The most successful brands have a people person constantly engaging with and developing their community.

If you’re looking for a dedicated team to manage and develop your social media strategy, you’ve come to the right place! Red Thinking has it covered and we’ll put a ring on it for you.

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