We Love Giving Back, So We Love Our Clients Who Give Back, Too

September 10, 2019 • Posted in Digital

If you’ve frequently visited Red Thinking’s website and read our blogs, or our posts on social media, you know that “giving back” – contributing to charities with our time, money and soul power – is a core tenet of who we are as a company. From my involvement with Women Giving Back, an organization that helps homeless women and their children return to stable life situations, to our annual Brand Jams, in which we provide pro bono marketing services to a variety of charities in the eastern US, we are dedicated to contributing to the greater good. 

That’s why we love working with clients whose core directives are the same. It puts a new spin on the definition of “good business.” That’s why we have LOVED working with the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation. CMCF is based in the Washington, DC area’s Northern Virginia suburbs – our home turf. It was founded in 1987 by Dr. Claude Moore, a physician and Northern Virginia landowner who left most of his fortune in trust for the purpose of enhancing educational opportunities throughout Virginia and beyond. Dr. Moore left his estate to the Foundation to increase its ability to provide support and services to those in need. 

claude moore website project

Several years ago, CMCF expanded its mission to focus specifically on Dr. Moore’s driving force:  healthcare, and the education necessary to help young people enter the field. The organization’s renewed mission dovetailed perfectly with Dr. Moore’s original vision of helping underprivileged young people break out of unfortunate circumstances and create lives that would help them achieve their own goals, and ultimately help others do the same to strengthen society. 

When the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation approached Red Thinking for our help in expanding their awareness, we were thrilled. More importantly, their initiative called Claude Moore Scholars, which helps high school and community college students forge careers in healthcare, was especially appealing. After all, as America’s population continues to age, healthcare will become not only more important to all of us, it will continue to become a more lucrative career path for nurses, lab and radiology technicians, physical therapists, providers of senior and memory care, pharmacists, EMTs, and a wide variety of other specializations. The Claude Moore Charitable Foundation works in conjunction with higher education in the Commonwealth of Virginia and, increasingly, around the nation, to provide grants and establish education partnerships that help young people enter the healthcare field. While this is only one part of the CMCF’s mission, it’s their newest, and most likely closest to the intentions of the organization’s late founder. 

Starting in August 2018, Red Thinking started working with CMCF to refresh the organization’s brand in general, and to actively incorporate their Claude Moore Scholars health education focus into their messaging. We undertook a complete redesign of the Foundation’s website, which very pointedly integrated the Claude Moore Scholars Program into the content. Easy user experience was a top priority, while paying special attention to maintaining, yet evolving, the total brand image. We created new printed materials that CMCF uses to garner support from high schools, community colleges, parents and students to build participation. 

Red Thinking also designed and produced memory point items like mousepads, notebooks, pens and promotional banners for display and distribution at high school and community college campuses. 

By May 2019, our work was done….or, maybe I should say, the first part was done. Because we look forward to working with the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation for a long time. We think it’s a very healthy partnership.  

To learn more about this fabulous organization, and how you can contribute to their causes, please visit claudemoorefoundation.org

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