Facebook, itself, needs no introduction. With more than 2 billion users each month, it’s the most popular social media platform out there. Facebook welcomed its live streaming tool, Facebook Live, to its platform in 2015. The feature enables anyone with a Facebook account to share a live video feed with the world. When you consider the fact that Facebook is the social media platform with the most users and the fact that the platform is free – making it widely accessible to just about anyone – it’s not hard to see why Facebook Live is ripe with opportunity for businesses and influencers seeking to connect with and grow their audiences. For the clever marketer, Facebook Live is a feature that most definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.

Audience growth and reach is virtually limitless

Facebook Live lets you take the guesswork out of finding your audience. That’s because it allows you to reach them right where they already are … on Facebook. As the social media platform with the largest number of users on the planet, Facebook Live places the opportunity to attract new followers and connect with current ones right in the palm of your hand (ahem – if you’re live-streaming from a mobile device, quite literally in the palm of your hand). 

It’s the most effective way to engage your audience

When deciding where to invest your marketing time and energy to best engage your audience, it’s important to take into account that videos have proven to yield higher engagement levels than simple social media posts – and live videos garner even higher levels of engagement, attracting 6x more interaction than regular videos. The longer you live-stream, the greater likelihood that more people will view and share your video. In addition, people comment 10x more on Facebook Live videos than on non-live videos.  With stats like these, it’s easy to see why Facebook Live is a crucial part of any effective social media marketing strategy.

Create shared experiences and a sense of belonging through video

You may not be aware that Facebook has a mission specifically for video on the platform: to create shared experiences and a sense of belonging through video. Video is all about the experience for users – especially live video, which, again, yields greater engagement rates than regular video. Facebook Live allows you to create an intimate connection with your audience that memes, posts, or even regular videos simply cannot compete with. You can actually connect with your community in real time which provides an opportunity for immediate conversation and feedback. Another competitive advantage for marketers who choose to utilize Facebook Live? While live video garners the best engagement, few people are using it right now, making your opportunity for impact even greater.

Little to zero investment with potential for huge returns

With all of the major upsides to utilizing Facebook Live as a marketing tool, it’s almost hard to believe one of its ultimate perks for its users: it’s 100% free. Anyone with a Facebook account (also free) has access to the Facebook Live feature, making it one of the most powerful and accessible means of communicating with your audience out there. While some may choose to invest in additional tools to enhance their live streaming – things like lighting, tripods or microphones – it’s entirely up to the user. It’s even trending in a positive direction for these lives to be less produced, making it more authentic. When you consider the nominal (or even non-existent) investment and the potential for increased engagement and real-time interaction with your audience, using Facebook Live becomes a no-brainer for the financially savvy marketer.