Highlights from Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference

June 8, 2017 • Posted in News

I haven’t performed an official survey, but most graphic designers I know use Apple products. The MAC was the computer that we created our first designs on (unless it was on a PC using Corel Draw. Shudder). We, or I, have been loyalists to the brand since we could afford one. So, when Apple has a live event, it’s no secret that my peers get a little excited and carve out some time to watch.

The most recent live event was from the World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). This conference is usually the place where Apple will preview the newest software for their devices and maybe provide a sneak peek of a few pieces of hardware for us consumers.

Here are some highlights of the more basic previews for those of you that don’t have an hour and a half to geek out with us MAC-nerds:

The MAC OS is now upgraded to MAC OS High Sierra; meaning Sierra has been “refined.” If you haven’t updated your OS yet, it’s time! Most of the major kinks have been worked out. I’m a Chrome user (shocking, I know) but after hearing that Safari is now the “world’s fastest desktop browser with High Sierra,” I just may switch back. And you can’t beat the new “AutoPlay” blocking. Nothing worse than surfing the net at midnight in bed and having an ad start blaring from your computer. Ha! Sorry, honey!

But wait, there’s more! Safari now has “Intelligent Tracking Prevention,” which means that the search you did for that weird medical device last week won’t come back to haunt you in the form of banner ads for a month.

Possibly my favorite OS update is with Photos. The editing software now comes with more options like selective color and curves. This will allow you to stay in Photos for image editing. But if you still want to edit in Photoshop, all the edits will sync back to the library. Meaning, you don’t have to re-import the edited image and end up with duplicates. For those of us with 42,567 photos (cough!), that’s a bonus.

Some other cool updates include additions to the Apple Watch. There are new clock faces like Toy Story Characters, a kaleidoscope and my favorite, a flashlight face that blinks so you can be safe and seen while taking an evening stroll or bike ride.

Also previewed was the “Homepod”, Apple’s answer to rival Amazon’s Alexa. Apple is touting this 7” pod as audio technology that reinvents home music, however it’s basically a higher-quality, “house-rocking” Wi-Fi speaker with Siri built into it. The Homepod will be available later in the year.

While you can watch the entire event here, in Safari: https://www.apple.com/apple-events/june-2017 – trust me, I just gave you the cliff notes. #ILOVEAPPLE

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