The Success of First Building Has Led to Expansion of Multiple Coda Properties from 2018-Present

Unprecedented Results 

In 2018 Red Thinking successfully launched a distinctive brand and built a brand strategy that yielded unprecedented results for MRP; they were thrilled when their first boutique building, Coda on H, leased 25% of its building before their doors even opened. MRP was also pleased with the fast timeline for brand development, that with continued support from Red Thinking, MRP has expanded the Coda brand name to include two additional boutique apartment buildings.

In an Increasingly Saturated Apartment Real Estate Market, MRP Needed to Create a Standout Brand

The team at MRP knew they had something special in their first boutique apartment building on H Street, but they wanted to create a brand and accompanying story that conveyed their property’s unique value and what made it different from the other apartment buildings without taking away from the neighborhood’s dynamic history. Dramatic, refined and distinctive, they knew the building had a unique story to tell, but there was concern and frustration that, without the right approach, it would fall flat.

MRP’s goal was to create a brand that would stand out from the crowd, drawing in prospective tenants and highlighting their property’s distinctive selling points, conveying value without simply leaning on the tired adage that the neighborhood was “up and coming.” MRP was determined to find the brand and story that would accomplish their goal.

From a design perspective, a major emphasis was placed on the brand being able to represent an authentic expression of art, both visual and musical. Red Thinkers leaned heavily into H Street’s history steeped in music, incorporating the theme throughout the building’s core components, including featured photography within the Coda on H building, the hiring of local artists commissioned to create custom murals and even the brand’s name, itself – the word “Coda” is actually a musical term.

Red Thinking’s extensive in-house services enabled their detailed involvement in every aspect of the Coda brand’s creation, including:

  • Naming
  • Brand Audience & Positioning
  • Logo & Brand Design Standards
  • Messaging
  • Brochure & Pocket Folder + Inserts
  • Signage | Exterior Visual Identity
  • Media Outreach & Strategy
  • Organic & Paid Social Media

Brand Expansion

While the Coda brand was originally developed specifically for one location, the brand launch and the building’s unprecedented lease up made MRP quickly realize the Coda brand would be the perfect fit for their next boutique apartment buildings: Bryant Street in Northeast, DC and, subsequently, a third property that is currently in development by Nationals Park. Because Red Thinking had already designed an arsenal of branding and marketing tools for the Coda brand, MRP benefited from being able to define the new locales’ brands within the existing brand’s constructs, rather than beginning from square one.

No Need To Recreate The Wheel

In expansion of the brand to Coda at Bryant Street, Red Thinking started with the logo and color palette, evolving it from the original Coda on H. From there, various design elements were explored to further fine-tune the Bryant Street brand through their landing page, custom website, digital banners, building signage and outreach marketing collateral. Lastly, Red Thinking established an online presence and personality through organic and paid social media management. In keeping with the Coda brand’s underlying art theme, Red Thinking’s Designers incorporated artistic aspects unique to Bryant Street, such as wall paintings, murals and vintage wallpaper patterns that evoke a combined sense of the modern and authentic aesthetic and vibe that is true to Bryant Street. 

Red Thinking’s creativity and work ethic is something we have commented on multiple times, internally and to them, ensuring our appreciation is heard. With a project like Coda, the details, strategy, creative wow factor and digital prowess has to be top notch and they continue to surpass our expectations. We appreciate Hannah’s attention to detail, the unique design work and the process set up to keep us all organized. It has not gone unnoticed.

James Murphy, Development Manager, MRP Realty

About MRP Realty

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