Design guru Juan Plaza shares his snippet about the Northpoint Realty Partners rebrand. His take on all that was achieved.

September 20, 2017 • Posted in Branding, Design, Uncategorized

It’s no secret that I love working on rebrands. The opportunity to give a company a renewed sense of pride in their brand is always worth the hard work. Over the course of this year, we had the privilege to work on a rebrand for Northpoint Realty Partners. The projects we were tasked with included logo, stationery, brochure, website, social media, and various digital collateral.

From the very beginning, it was clear that we would have free reign over what direction we wanted to take the rebrand. The only constraint was that Northpoint wanted to feel proud of the symbol. After our launch meetings, the direction became obvious that the rebrand had to encompass an entrepreneurial spirit.

Once design began on the logo, we developed numerous concepts that ranged from strong lines, compasses, building structure, and the North Star. Each one of these captured elements like strength, drive, and clear direction that we felt captured that spirit that defined the company. These concepts were narrowed down and the final logo resulted in an abstract compass with a strong northern node. The four nodes were rotated and scaled to not only form the letter “N” in the negative space, but to represent complex problem-solving with a clear direction.

The rest of the brand roll-out was developed to feel dynamic and energetic to again capture that entrepreneurial spirit. We accomplished this by layering diagonal forms that provide motion, direction, and reinforce the lines from the logo. The color palette focused on making Northpoint feel trusted and reliable.

The result of our efforts is a brand that feels established with a strong enthusiasm to push into the future. Not only are we proud of the work done and the relationship we developed with our client, but more importantly we achieved the pride Northpoint wanted to feel in their brand.

A high-five moment for me knowing they too were celebrating the success of their rebrand and partnership with Red Thinking.

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