Now is NOT the Time to Halt Your Marketing Initiatives

April 6, 2020 • Posted in Digital

It’s no secret that these are uncertain times, but as an advertiser, this does not need to be another obstacle. Because of the ubiquity of the Internet, commerce can go on, even if many customers aren’t coming into your brick-and-mortar locations – or worse, if your business is in a category that has been ordered to temporarily close your physical locations to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

If you’re currently using online methods to reach consumers, start by taking a really critical look at your analytics to best understand who your target customers, where they are located and what their customer journey looks like on your site. Need help understanding what’s working…or not? Happy to help.

Consider a website crawl to see if there are errors that should be fixed; so that your site remains relevant to the search engines. Are there parts of your website that make you cringe? Let’s get to work on giving it a facelift or discussing a new website so that once this cloud lifts, so does your brand.

Do consider shifting most of your advertising budget to online platforms, and scale back or eliminate more traditional media. With fewer people in their cars or using public transportation, now would be a good time to take media like radio, billboards and transit advertising off the table, and move that money into media that will reach consumers on their computers and mobile devices, wherever they are. Remember that with all digital marketing, you can adjust your spend in real time. Every day we are reviewing dollars, cents, strategy and goals.

I’ve said this before to our clients, and I’ll say it again here: Don’t assume that because so many of us these days are self-isolating means that you have a shrinking audience. What you really have is a captive audience.
Expedited or free delivery offers, special online-only sales for a limited time, and customer appreciation coupons will lend immediacy to your messaging, and can significantly increase your click-through rates and boost direct sales.

If your website was not yet equipped for direct e-commerce, CHANGE THAT IMMEDIATELY. If consumers can’t purchase your goods and services remotely while they’re hunkered down on the living room sofa, then you really are shut down.

If, up until now, you hadn’t had the time to focus on your online advertising and messaging now’s the time! Research your online advertising options. Use what would’ve been your commute to write blogs that can be used now and at a later date. Get ahead and build out your social media content calendar. There is plenty of evergreen and seasonal content you can create now, trust us, your future, non-quarantined self will thank you! And lastly, prioritize engaging with and building a genuine connection with your online audience. At the end of the day it’s about having an engaged audience, not just a large one.

Look at our current situation in this light: If this had happened 30 years ago, before the Internet, the negative impact to the economy would have been dramatically more pronounced. We’re lucky, though, to live in a time when we can reach customers online, if not face-to-face in a store or office. More media options mean more opportunities, if you’re proactive and shift your marketing priorities and advertising budget primarily to online. Instead of crawling under a rock, you should leave no stone unturned.

To learn more about making the most of digital and social media to keep customers engaged (and buying), drop us a line at Even in our bunny slippers at home, we’re still on the job for you.

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