Red Thinking Lends a Marketing and Promotion Hand to Non-Profits In Need With It’s 5th Annual Brand Jam

September 20, 2017 • Posted in News

Fairfax, VA. Red Thinking, LLC, a community-minded branding, digital and design firm committed to community service is shutting its doors for 24-hours on Thursday, September 21st 2017. The firm, along with 12 volunteers will be taking up residence at Refraction, 11911 Freedom Drive in Reston Town Center for its 5th Brand Jam.

Nonprofits have the same need for program promotion, consumer outreach, and marketing as for profits companies. The difference is that non-profits lack the budgets and choose to spend their donor-support dollars on their programs and services.

Brand Jam provides complete pro bono marketing and creative services to area non-profits. Past projects have included websites, marketing materials, press materials, social media platforms, product development, and logos.

“The team works for 24-hours straight,” says Jen Sterling, partner of Red Thinking. “We say they are fueled by coffee and creativity. Our collaborative, creative marathon produces much needed marketing support to nonprofits that do so much for our community. We see creativity as our super power and we want to put it to the best use.”

This year’s non-profits are:

  • PRS
  • Brain injury Services
  • For Love of Children
  • Giving Circle of HOPE
  • South River Federation
  • Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center
  • MCCP Foundation
  • HeroHomes
  • Ohio Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers
  • The Freedom Homes
  • Let’s Help Kids

“We invite the media to join us for this event,” says Shay Onorio, Red Thinking partner. “We want to shine a spotlight on these important area services. Come and see what creative energy and ideas working together really can accomplish.”

The event starts Thursday, September 21 at 10 a.m. through Friday, September 22. Press are welcome to attend to see the marathon in action or join us for the big reveal on Friday as we present the finished projects to this years’ 11 recipients. “To see the look on their faces as we present what’s been accomplished makes the energetic exhaustion worth it, immediately!” says Shay.

About Red Thinking, LLC

Red Thinking, is a client-focused, creative firm based in the Washington, D.C. metro region. They specialize in integrated digital, brand strategy, and design. Client services include but are not limited to: print, digital and traditional collateral, data collection and analysis, social media, SEO and PPC, website and logo design and development. In addition to being a playful reference to the partner’s hair color, the firm’s choice of “red” in the name evokes images of passion, energy and boldness – attributes that speak to the company’s unconventional methods and thought-provoking style.

To learn more about Red Thinking’s marketing and branding services visit them online at

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