Sometimes, an Advertising Campaign Brings Things Close to Home

June 28, 2019 • Posted in Branding

Loudoun County, Virginia is a special place in America. Rural farmland with Black Angus cattle in the roadside fields. Delicate grapes in the vineyard rows just waiting to be turned into award-winning wines. Let’s also not forget that more than half of the world’s Internet traffic passes through the mainframe servers here, or that it’s only 25 miles outside of the U.S. Capital, and home to Washington Dulles International, one of the busiest airports on the planet. LoCo, as people here call it, is a world destination. And that’s why Red Thinking is flattered to represent Visit Loudoun and the Loudoun County Department of Economic Development, the combined forces that help regional and international visitors and businesses find this classic American locality to live, work or play.

Through our partnership with Visit Loudoun and the Loudoun DED we designed the Take Loudoun Home campaign logo and brand guidelines, print collateral and provided a strategically outlined media and social media strategy. It was important to not only make it known that this was a partnership between Visit Loudoun and the Loudoun DED but to also create a cohesive, recognizable campaign that complimented both brands. We feel that our Take Loudoun Home advertising campaign does just that and exemplifies all of the best of the county and why one might want to #TakeLoudounHome.

Loudoun County, Virginia represents exemplary American values. It is traditionally minded, yet progressive and forward thinking. Its County government is committed to measured, metropolitan growth that also keeps a sincere hold on the farmland history and landscape that make up its rolling Virginia Piedmont hills. Here, DC Metro’s light rail commuter train service and airport runways that once served British Airways and Air France Concordes blend with lush woodlands and farm-to-table restaurants that get showcased on the Food Network. 

That’s why Red Thinking is so proud to include Visit Loudoun and the county’s Economic Development Department as clients. It’s why I’m personally proud to call Loudoun County my home. Check out what we’re up to and #TakeLoudounHome to understand the WHY.

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