Lauren Jarrett

Digital Account Strategist
• dc-metro

Perhaps one of the most memorable lines in Forrest Gump is when Mama Gump tells him, “Forrest, Stupid is as Stupid does.” At Red Thinking, we take another spin on that concept when we say, “Smart is as Smart does.” That’s why we hired Lauren Jarrett as our Digital Account Strategist. From the start, we knew Lauren was a smart choice!

Lauren came to Red Thinking with a compelling resume, with key points like Marketing Project Specialist for Ratner Companies (that’s Hair Cuttery and Bubbles Salons to us mere mortal consumers). And then there’s Lauren’s tenure in Member Relations for The Tower Club in Tysons, VA, one of the most influential professional networking organizations in the United States.

Red Thinking is proud to have Lauren as our Digital Account Strategist. Because in business, it’s well understood that Professionalism is as Professionalism does. Is she interesting as well as professional? We’ll let you judge: “I’m about as local as it gets anymore. My family had a farm right outside of Tyson’s Corner until the late ’90s. I was born and raised in Northern Virginia and went to college at George Mason University. And I can say the alphabet backwards in under five seconds. It’s a cool party trick; trust me.”

Guilty TV pleasures:
Fun Fact, I’ve got almost zero guilt when it comes to TV. But I watch pageants almost religiously which most people don’t do.

Celebrity Crush:
Jon Hamm

Person (living or dead) who inspires you:
My Dad.

People (living or dead) you’d want to invite to a dinner party:
The entire cast of Friends, Kat Dennings, and Joe Gibbs

Favorite holiday and why:
Halloween! Costumes, candy, and amazing movies. Hard to beat that.

Favorite food and why:
Tomatoes. You can put them on almost anything and they are delicious both raw and cooked. Plus you can cook them in so many different ways.

One superpower you’d choose to have:
Change my appearance whenever I want.

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