The Ultimate New Amenity in Luxury City Living – Your Own “Butler”

May 14, 2019 • Posted in Branding

In the U.S. and around the world, city living continues to be the growing trend. Demographers estimate that by 2050, for example, a significant majority of Americans will live in large cities, instead of suburbs or small towns.

2050 may seem a long way off, but developers and builders of luxury urban properties are already crafting amenities that help residents – in this case, mainly singles and couples – cope with busy careers in the big city that leave them little time for household chores and other domestic details.

One unique new concierge service provider, Hello Alfred, is leading the way with this turn-key service amenity trend. With operations in Chicago, San Francisco and now Washington, DC, Hello Alfred partners with apartment and condo developers and managers to provide residents with services that include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Package deliveries to the home
  • Laundry services, and dry cleaning pickup and delivery
  • Miscellaneous errands
  • Alfred’s Signature Tidy-Up Service, or complete home cleaning
  • Party planning, prep and staffing
  • Pet care
  • Travel and entertainment planning

The first new luxury apartment building in DC to offer Hello Alfred service is Coda on H Street in Northeast, where developers MRP Realty and management firm Gates Hudson have brought this service to DC’s rapidly regentrifying neighborhood.

How Does This Butler Service Work?

Hello Alfred combines mobile technology with the greatest technology of all time:  human beings. The “Alfreds,” who are technically referred to as Home Managers, not butlers, are all thoroughly vetted before hire and are trained extensively.

Customers meet with their prospective Alfred service representative to establish trust, because unlike many other third-party concierge services, Alfred Home Managers have direct access to customers’ homes. When the agreement is established, the personalized service begins.

Once a week, or more frequently if needed, the Alfred rep comes into the customer’s home to perform the agreed services, which could entail almost anything related to daily life and home optimization, including:

  • Making sure the fridge, pantry and bar are stocked with the customer’s preferred items and brands
  • Gift shopping and wrapping
  • Watering plants
  • Pet care, including dog walking
  • Prescription pickups
  • Home and closet organization
  • Help with moving into a new home in a Hello Alfred serviced building

And the list goes on. It’s really up to the customer and the Alfred Home Manager who is assigned to them. That’s another important element of this all-encompassing concierge perk:  the same Alfred is always assigned to the customer’s home, so a level of trust and anticipated service builds.

Quick Check-ins or Quickly Changing Requests? There’s an App for That.

So, that’s the people part of the service, and now, the role technology plays. Hello Alfred customers simply use a mobile app to confirm that services have been performed, make special requests, or change the set of services they want from Hello Alfred. The app also lets customers be in touch with their Alfred Home Manager, and vice versa, immediately from anywhere in the world.

How Much Does it Cost?

Hello Alfred started as a subscription based service to individual customers for $99 and month, and that service arrangement and price is still available in some of Hello Alfred’s markets. But the firm has really shifted to partnerships with developers and property management companies to make entire buildings Alfred Buildings, and in many cases, the Hello Alfred service is available free to residents as part of the community’s amenity package. Residents still have to sign up to be served by Hello Alfred, and they are responsible for the cost of purchased items and personalized service requests.

The “One-Stop Shop” for Personal Assistance

Other personal service providers have served luxury-minded, busy urban professionals for years, but for specific services, like Instacart for grocery shopping and delivery. Hello Alfred is the first provider to pull so many different services under one umbrella. One point of contact, any household request fulfilled.   

Want to Learn More?

If you’re a developer or property manager who wants your building to be an Alfred Building, or if you’re moving to a new city and want to find properties that offer Hello Alfred as an amenity, visit

To learn more about the Coda on H Street luxury apartment property in Northeast DC, just go to

Or, get in touch with Red Thinking at

What Innovations in Personalized Residential Service Interest You?

Tell us what you as a resident, or you as a developer or management company representative, see as a service need that could be filled by providers like Hello Alfred.

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