Why is Your Online Search Reputation So Important?

June 15, 2017 • Posted in Digital

I read a lot of articles online, always eager to see what Seth Godin or LinkedIn has to say, for example. Another local source is Capitol Communicator. Good, quick reads about industry news and subjects that agency peers of ours specialize in; or ones Red Thinking does (and does well!). Clicking to see what a survey confirms; the importance of online search results when making business decisions, I certainly have my thoughts and opinions. I know, for sure, the importance of a search result for us and for our clients.

To start, online reputations for companies (and people) weigh huge on buying & hiring decisions. For instance if a company has negative reviews on Google (i.e. 2.5 our of 5 stars), this will negatively impact their online lead generation because perception is, they do not perform good work or deliver a good product. Managing a company’s online reputation is not easy. Most companies have reviews Google Reviews, Yelp, Glassdoor, Facebook and many others.

Being able to respond to a negative review is just as important. A company needs to develop a strategy for obtaining reviews, cultivating their reviews and making it a part of their monthly activity as well as to create an action plan when they do get a negative review.

Secondly, by default if a company is shown on the first page of Google, a user “assumes” they offer the service/product the user wants. A user can compare service providers by contacting the websites featured on the first page of Google. That’s why having a strong paid advertising and organic search strategy is so important.

The article goes on to say that nearly 70% of respondents say they consider online search results as part of their business decision-making processes; more than 80% of respondents report they would avoid a company or individual on the basis of negative search results. Nearly 75% say they have actually rejected doing business with companies as a result of negative search results and 75% of respondents say they will search further if they find negative information about a company they are researching.

The world of SEM is a hard nut to crack; ever changing. The hardest part is that many of our clients don’t understand it and have firms like us telling them we do. And we really do. It’s still such a foreign language that often clients will choose an agency based on fees alone; not knowing what the true strategy is and all too often being sold a bag of goods that’s not the right course of action. That’s why we work hard to be overly transparent; identifying the good, bad and ugly.

Not sure what you need to do and who can do it for you? We’re here to help. And educate you. The Internet is here to stay and perception is reality, true or not. I’d recommend you control your online presence and reputations as much as possible. Trust me.

Survey can be found here: http://bit.ly/2rQ1rVb

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