Coda on H

Coda is a concluding passage of a piece of music or movement, typically an addition to the basic structure. It is something that serves to round out, conclude or summarize and usually has its own interest. Coda on H does just that. It’s located at the end of H Street NE and prompts its residents to both conclude their day within its structure, calling it home.

In addition to expressing that Coda is a great place to call home we are encouraging you to #CreateYourStory at Coda on H. Both Coda on H and H Street NE are places whose stories have evolved and continue to evolve over time. Regardless of what stage of life an individual is currently at, while living at Coda they are encouraged to continue to develop that story. Located on H Street NE it makes developing that story a very unique process, drawing from the neighborhood’s history, culture, and diversity. Our #CreateYourStory tagline is supported by the ever-evolving and welcoming of all things different lifestyle that is celebrated around Coda on H. We recognize there is a modern mindset and with our average lease price, we are welcoming renters by choice to live here. They are making a choice to a part of a progressing, convivial, historic neighborhood in D.C.

The Coda logo was inspired by the Coda symbol used on a sheet of music. While expanding from the symbol there is also a hidden H within the negative space playing tribute to the location. The colors play on natural tones used throughout the building.