Gates Hudson Corporate

A brand is a name, term, design or other feature that distinguishes a product or company from those of others. A brand comes to life within the walls of an organization first and it is with this thought process that Gates Hudson reached out to Red Thinking to assist them with creating a unified vision and position in the market place, catering to their diverse range of clients and customers. Red Thinking, through a series of 1:1’s with the C-level executives of this 35+ year company delivered a full messaging platform, new logo, brochures for the different divisions, a stationery and business forward package, web design, multiple collateral elements and was proud to be present the re-brand in an unveil to this 500+ strong company. As Gates Hudson’s agency-of-record, we are often called on to collaborate and continue to evolve the updated brand via social media, search engine marketing, new business presentations or proposals and are often introduced to their developer partners as a part of their team. A rewarding opportunity that has been an ongoing, strategic marketing relationship that continues to thrive.

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