Graphic Designer

Amy Bruner

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When clients are looking for a vision that feels like them, only bolder, Amy is on it. She has a talent for learning new brands and then bringing them to life with a creative, fresh lens. She’s a visual storyteller with an eye for color, texture, and how they inform a brand’s identity. Amy has a deep understanding of design that comes through in every idea, mockup, and conversation. She’s a skilled listener who has a knack for perfectly reflecting clients’ mission and goals back to them — but better.

Amy’s usually on the go with her dogs or foster pups, and she’s always in search of her next great adventure. Catch her hiking, playing pickleball, watercolor painting on the beach, thrifting, or taking a ski trip out west. She will prioritize squeezing in time to slow down long enough for her favorite nostalgic games, like Pictionary.   


Hot Seat

  • What is your signature drink?

    A Painkiller, preferably by the sunset

  • What are the essentials when traveling?

    Trail Mix, Water Bottle, Airpods, Aquaphor, and a Word Search Book

  • What did you want to be when you were younger?

    A Marine Biologist

  • What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?

    Pickleball or game night outside with friends

  • Do you have a signature dance move?

    The spontaneous split makes an appearance once in a while… please watch out

  • What’s your Red Thinking highlight?

    Gaining the confidence I need to take on new challenges and present work I’m proud of!


Spotify Radio Stations

  • Bruce Springsteen Radio
  • Morgan Wallen Radio
  • Leon Bridges Radio
  • Post Malone Radio
  • Billy Joel Radio

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