Foot traffic drives sales for many businesses, yet out of sight can mean out of mind, even if customers are just around the corner. If you’re looking to boost in-person visits, a new outreach tool can direct customers to your front door – literally. 

Waze Ads, offered by Google’s popular navigation and map app, reach potential customers while they are driving. These meaningful in-car moments can point out when a potential customer is near, tempt them with a timely offer, then navigate them to your location.  And timeliness is critical. A Forrester study commissioned by Waze determined that “the #1 reason global brands adopt digital out-of-home is to reach consumers at critical moments of influence.” 

Brick-and-mortar businesses know that customers aren’t always willing to make a special trip just to have an in-person experience – especially when it’s easy to connect online or choose a contactless transaction. However, data from Waze Ads prove that “catching” consumers while they are already out and about is an opportunistic way to draw them in.

Red Thinking recently got the chance to implement Waze Ads for one of our clients with a goal of increasing foot traffic to their 20+ locations. Previously they had been relying on other forms of digital advertising to prompt visits. In comparison, Waze Ads provided more reporting insights and flexibility and remained budget conscious.

Waze Ad Basics

Waze has become the most popular navigation app in the U.S. It provides directions and alerts that are timely, intuitive, and, most importantly, non-obtrusive to drivers. Ads integrated into the platform follow a similar format – short messages that can be received at a glance.

Waze currently offers four options:

  • Digital billboards that only appear when the vehicle has come to a complete stop to prompt action at a key moment.
  • Arrows that indicate when your business is nearby, helping customers increase awareness of your location.
  • Pins, like a store sign, inform and remind customers that your business is on or near their route.
  • And Search which helps you be top of mind when customers search for businesses like yours on Waze.

Waze Ads help create the right message for customers based on basic information about the business, including but not limited to its address. They also allow the ability to set a budget and pivot to change or pause a campaign at any time.

Perhaps most valuable, Waze Ads provide many metrics around customer impressions and engagements.

A Waze Ad Success Story

As Covid threatened a small BBQ business near the Outer Banks, they began promoting the convenience of their drive-through and pick-up services. The restaurant launched a Waze Ad campaign to highlight its location, appealing to drivers looking to pick up barbecue for the road. The ads drove over 800 navigations at $0.41 per each and the restaurant eventually transitioned its ad to attract those interested in dine-in.

Waze Ads and You

Waze is a great platform that is hugely popular but the advertising opportunities are often overlooked. If you’re trying to bring attention to a brick-and-mortar location, it’s a solid option. To clients considering Waze Ads, we caution that the service prioritizes those with a Managed Service Account and ad buys do require a minimum spend; however, Waze Ads can provide a reach estimate based on your budget to set expectations.

Want to learn more or check out other innovative digital options that might meet your marketing goals? Let’s talk digital. And reach. Like, now!