Here’s Some “In-Cider” Information About One of Red Thinking’s Newest Clients

July 15, 2019 • Posted in Branding

All of Red Thinking’s clients are unique, and each is very special to us. There’s one new client in our roster, however, that’s truly out of the ordinary. Lost Boy Cider, which recently had their grand opening in Alexandria, Virginia, is the kind of client I never would have imagined having. In a twist on the craft brewery and distillery trend that’s captivated America for the past 15 or 20 years, Lost Boy is a craft hard cider distillery. Anyone who’s ever visited England or Ireland knows that there, hard cider is just as popular as beer, whiskey or wine. Now, thanks to a growing craft cider-making industry here in the States – and pioneers like Lost Boy Cider – more and more Americans are learning the pleasures of this incredibly refreshing, light bodied drink. 

The Lost Boy Cider story has an interesting history. In 2010, founder Tristan Wright and his wife were on a vacation in Ireland, and one evening at a pub, their Irish friends introduced them to hard cider. It was a revelation. A few years after that, Tristan decided to take a chance and become a cider maker. Being a lifelong foodie with an entrepreneurial soul, he left his corporate job and opened Lost Boy. He came to Red Thinking for the branding that every ambitious start-up company needs, and we were thrilled to help this unique new business get off the ground. 

The logo we created for Lost Boy calls to mind a youthful explorer, perfectly fitting Tristan’s own personality and his decision to embark on the adventure of owning his own business. Customers are, in fact, referred to as Explorers (i.e., into the fascinating world of craft made cider). We developed graphic designs for their first line of cans, and we continue to develop designs for new packaging for the company. Red Thinking also created a library of graphic elements that Lost Boy’s staff can cost-effectively use on their own when they want to produce merchandise and “swag.”In the words of Juan Plaza, Red Thinking’s VP of Design, “It was clear Tristan was passionate about this project from the get-go, so we wanted to create a brand that matched his spirit.”

Lost Boy Cider just had their grand opening in June, but even after only a few weeks it’s already a hit, and getting more buzz (sorry about that pun) every day. Red Thinking is excited to be part of this fledgling new company’s story. My staff and I are also excited to be working with clients in the constantly expanding sphere of craft made foods, beverages and lifestyle products. Like I said, it’s fun! We’re all foodies here at Red Thinking, as well as “lifestylies” (Is that a word? OK, it is now.) So, it’s natural that our personal passions lead us to do passionate work for businesses like gourmet restaurants, craft breweries and distilleries, bakeries that customers line up for around the block, and yes – if you’ve never heard the term before – cideries. Part of Red Thinking’s philosophy is that business isn’t just about business. Business should be fun. That’s what makes the most successful businesses do their best for their clients, employees and owners. 

Well, the work day has ended, the sun is setting on my deck, we’ve just taken our daughter to a sleepover night with one of her besties, and my husband is in the kitchen pouring glasses of Lost Boy Cider for us and the friends who’ve come over for dinner on the grill. It’s shaping up be a delightful summer evening of good food, good conversation, and of course, good cider. If you’ve never tried hard cider, head over to Lost Boy in Alexandria and check it out. You’re bound to be amazed.

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