Lost Boy Cider

In a twist on the craft brewery and distillery trend that’s captivated America for the past 15 or 20 years, Lost Boy Cider is a craft hard cider distillery. Lost Boy’s founder, Tristan, came to Red Thinking for branding and design work, and we were thrilled to help this unique new business get off the ground.

The logo we created for Lost Boy Cider calls to mind a youthful explorer, perfectly fitting Tristan’s own personality and his decision to embark on the adventure of owning his own business. We developed graphic designs for their first line of cans, and we continue to develop designs for new packaging for the company. Red Thinking also created a library of graphic elements that Lost Boy’s staff can cost-effectively use on their own when they want to produce merchandise and “swag.” In the words of Juan Plaza, Red Thinking’s VP of Design, “It was clear Tristan was passionate about this project from the get-go, so we wanted to create a brand that matched his spirit.”