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Conceiving and executing Periculus’ design, language and strategy was not just about creating a brand, but preparing for a global launch. (It was also eye-opening from a small business perspective as we learned how this cutting-edge company helps clients like us rise above risk so we can rise above the competition.)

In the earliest phases, Periculus came to Red Thinking with the concept of the hot air balloon, and Red Thinking ran with it. Utilizing overlapping circles and layering, the design was all about motion. The Red Thinking design team chose colors early in the process to make sure that even though Periculus focuses on B2B business, it is energetic, always professional and thoroughly modern.


Mood Board/Brand Guidelines
Ongoing Brand Strategy & Copywriting
Custom Website

Pitch & Presentation Decks
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The hot air balloon is all about moving up, rising. The image works particularly well for Periculus on dual levels. It visually supports the firm’s tagline, “Rise above risk,” while also underscoring its intent to rise in all aspects, especially in the quality of digital risk assessment and cyber protection it provides to all its customers.

Periculus’ brand is and should be one that is always on the rise. The company first helps customers rise above risk by offering a digital risk assessment, powered by Mastercard, to identify potential concerns that small to medium business owners would be wise to avoid. From there, their experts help clients understand and protect their business against digital risks like ransomware, phishing, and identity theft. They also educate business owners on the impact these risks can have on their businesses and supply specific tools and insurance to manage them.

“As a small business owner, digital risk is a conversation that is all too real and one I’m finding is discussed often amongst myself and other business owners. Working with Periculus has allowed me to identify what we, as a company, should pay attention to and stay ahead of. Small to medium sized businesses need to rely on a powerhouse of cyber professionals and digital risk prowess that allows an entrepreneur or business owner to focus on the business. It’s a super cool opportunity to design, build and launch a brand that has allowed me a major learning opportunity in an industry that until 2021, I knew very little about.”
– Shay Onorio, Red Thinking’s President & Owner.

Red Thinking and Periculus have become true partners. We are an extension of the Periculus marketing team from the brand’s inception through the present and beyond. As subject matter experts in their brand, tone, voice, digital reach and more, we are proud of the work we’ve done, knowing Periculus exists to help businesses gain the freedom to be fearless, to grow, and to innovate in the face of digital risk. Are you at risk? Follow Periculus via LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to learn more, or have your own risks assessed here.

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