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Conceiving and executing Periculus’ design, language and strategy was not just about creating a brand, but preparing for a global launch. Periculus exists to help businesses gain the freedom to be fearless, to grow, and to innovate in the face of digital risk.

In the earliest phases, Periculus came to Red Thinking with the concept of the hot air balloon, and Red Thinking ran with it. Utilizing overlapping circles and layering, the design was all about moving up, rising. The image works particularly well for Periculus on dual levels. It visually supports the firm’s tagline, “Rise above risk,” while also underscoring its intent to rise in all aspects, especially in the quality of digital risk assessment and cyber protection it provides to all its customers. From strategy to implementation, across marketing channels, the brand is consistently and characteristically energetic, always professional, and thoroughly modern.

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