Anthony Wilder

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ANTHONY WILDER ignites a design revolution that not only transforms spaces but also sprinkles a touch of whimsy into the everyday. Together, we choreograph a symphony of creativity blended with spot-on strategy, ensuring that ANTHONY WILDER’s message lands loud and clear – and with the exact right target audience.

For over three decades, ANTHONY WILDER has redefined architectural excellence, offering full-service, custom architecture, construction, and interior design services. Building on this unwavering commitment to crafting bespoke design experiences, Red Thinking was tasked with strengthening ANTHONY WILDER’s brand touchpoints and producing content that educates and, ultimately, resonates; targeting new, innovative, sophisticated, and bold clients, and of course, building upon existing relationships. Relationships matter at ANTHONY WILDER, and we couldn’t love that more.

Brand Vision
Art Direction
Digital Design
Digital Marketing
Social Media Strategy & Implementation
Paid Digital Strategy & Implementation
Media Management

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