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Creating an evolved brand voice, tone and design for the town of Middleburg, VA required a delicate balance of honoring its history and looking to the future.

In the discovery phase, Red Thinking and the Middleburg council members came together to first go round-robin with words that represent Middleburg, from their opinions. While these conversations were occurring Red Thinking sent a few team members of different demographics to experience Middleburg to provide feedback to confirm our target audiences and the WHY behind said reasoning.


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The new brand captures the essence of what defines Middleburg, for both residents and visitors. Middleburg invites you to escape from the hectic pace of everyday life and relax into peaceful tranquility. Unwind in the heart of horse and hunt country, where historic legacies, time honored traditions and a wealth of attractions come together in a truly unique experience. Shop local at their whimsical collection of boutique or indulge in pure luxury at a five-star resort. Do a little bit of everything, or nothing at all.

The horse is iconic to Middleburg. Between horseback riding, fox hunts, and the annual Christmas Parade, the identity of the town is inseparable from its horse country roots.

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